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Debt counselling has its origins in the National Credit Act that came into force on 1 June 2006 in order to protect consumers. To protect the consumer, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) was established  in terms of Act 34 of 2005.The National Credit Regulator in turn payments and debt counsellors appointed agents in order to give fulfillment to the provisions of the Act and the National Credit Regulator.

We are appointed to protect your interests in terms of the provisions of the Act and the NCR. The full Act can be viewed at http://www.ncr.org.za/the_act.html  and the National Credit Regulator’s website is available http://www.ncr.org.za/  Through the Act, the National Credit Regulator, Debt Counsellors and Payment agents are protecting the consumer to help make ends meet.

All of our debt counsellors are strictly trained and appointed by the NCR in terms of the provisions of the National Credit Act and a strict code of ethics is followed, and a payment is calculated.

After the payment is calculated, it is submitted to the creditors for approval. If your application is successful, only the relevant monthly repayments is made. You will know ahead of time what the installment amount which is calculated is, so that you have sufficient funds at the end of the month to meet your day to day expenses.

When you are under debt counselling no creditor could attach your assets, or seize your income. You will remain under debt counseling ( protected ) until all your creditors are paid.

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